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Welfare treatment

In terms of salary and welfare, Weihua group has designed a comprehensive salary and welfare plan in combination with the personal development of employees: the income of employees includes basic salary, bonus set according to the comprehensive performance of the company, team and individual, as well as various perfect social welfare insurance and allowances. At the same time, our company has established a number of reward and incentive mechanisms for excellent employees in various fields to encourage and realize the sustainable development of employees and enterprises, and set up long-term incentive mechanisms such as equity incentive and automobile incentive to encourage employees to participate in operation and management.

Post wage:The company provides employees with competitive position salary, and adjusts it according to the market salary level and individual performance every year.

Individual performance award:According to the performance of employees in daily and annual work, there are individual monthly performance award and individual annual performance award.

Team performance award:Set up team performance award according to the achievement of annual objectives of the company or its departments.

Special incentive fund:The group has a special incentive fund for individuals and teams who have made outstanding contributions in operation, management and technological innovation.

  • Salary

    Basic salary + performance salary
    pay salary on time on the 16th of each month

  • Year end assessment bonus

    Annual performance award, option incentive, marketing system award, R & D system award, excellence award, safety award, etc

  • Allowance

    Skill allowance
    Expatriate subsidy

  • Social insurance

    Sign labor contract and apply for work-related injury insurance at the beginning of employment. Individuals can apply for endowment insurance, medical insurance and housing accumulation fund

  • Holiday benefits

    In addition to statutory holidays, paid annual leave, wedding welfare, maternity welfare, welfare annual leave, paid sick leave, etc

  • Care fund

    Every year, employees enjoy free routine physical examination, and organize physical examination and recreational activities to encourage everyone to do daily exercise

  • Free accommodation

    We provide warm and comfortable dormitory for every employee (equipped with heating, air conditioning, cable TV, bath room, etc.)

  • Free meals

    The company has a staff restaurant with elegant environment and a variety of flavors to protect the health of each staff

  • Free shuttle bus

    Regular bus transfer in and out of the city,
    For employees to work and travel